A 10 Year (Self) Build Up…

Throughout the last decade, we have funded hundreds of self-build projects, helping individuals to achieve the dream of building their own home.

In 2018, we geared up our self-build offering by launching our own direct to broker, self-build mortgages.

With your help, we have learned more about the needs of customers and brokers – taking the opportunity to develop products, criteria and supporting information to become more competitive in this growing market.

We wanted to offer our broker community direct access to the lender, with no middle man. This means you and your client receive better quality service, as well as more guidance through an area that many brokers can find uneasy.

Our supporting information is continually reviewed, such as our ‘Self Build Lending Guide’ which includes helpful information so you start the process more confidently. Download our list of ‘Acceptable & Unacceptable Properties’ and make it easier to identify if the clients property is suitable. You can also download our costings sheets, application check lists and more!

Did you know?

  • We offer up to 80% LTV
  • We work with both ground up and renovation projects
  • We can lend up to £1,000,000 (with cases over £500,000 considered on an individual basis)
  • We work with modern and traditional methods of construction
  • Your client can smoothly switch to a repayment product after the build is complete!

Alongside our great products, Hanley intermediaries has the same approach to our self-build cases as any other mortgage. Our criteria is flexible and your client’s case will be assessed on its individual merits, not a credit score.

Don’t forget, you will also receive an enhanced proc fee of 0.5% for a self-build case.

We want to work with your client, to help them achieve their dream of building their vision. With our great products and flexible approach, we believe we are Your First Alternative when sourcing a great mortgage for your client so check our products HERE and get in touch.

Some useful information for you;

Self-Build Criteria

Self-Build Lending Guide

Acceptable & Unacceptable Properties

You can find more at thehanley.co.uk/intermediaries!




Alex Ward-Brassington

About the Author Alex Ward-Brassington
Alex is our Intermediary Marketing Specialist. With a background in business to business marketing, she is using her expertise to help to communicate the services we have and build relationships with partners of Hanley Intermediaries.

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