Community Involvement

By definition, a building society is collectively owned and run for the benefit of customers and like many building societies, Hanley Economic is still located in the community in which it was founded, so there is no surprise in the fact that we are already heavily involved in that community

For many years we have given strong support to the local community and have many examples of the work we do including :

  • Sponsorship of the Potters ‘Arf Marathon
  • Fundraising for Douglas Macmillan Hospice
  • Customer engagement via Customer Forums

We have played a key role as a responsible employer by developing our business in full recognition that the way we do business has a wider impact on our local community. We have sought to develop partnerships with other groups and organisations. In short we have grown our own version of “Corporate Social Responsibility”  – Community Involvement (CI)

However, CI at Hanley Economic has to be communicated externally in a cohesive way. By developing a CI policy we aim to capitalise on the work already underway and give it a strong momentum with clear direction and priorities