Please send your completed form with entry fee (payable to P.M.P)

Hanley Building Society Potters ‘Arf,
6 Gardenholm Close,

Entries close on Friday 9 June 2017

You can also take your completed entry form to any of The Hanley Building Society’s branches in Biddulph, Festival Park, Longton, Newcastle, Stone, Cheadle or Hanley City Centre

Download Race Entry Form

For further details call Ken Rushton on 01782 330853 (mobile: 07808 046586) or email Potters ‘Arf Email

Willing to go the extra mile for our nominated charities?

Call Douglas Macmillan Hospice on 01782 344304,
visit, or email

Call  Donna Louise on 01782 654440,

visit or email,


Potters ‘Arf Marathon