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Dementia Friends is an initiative run by Alzheimer’s Society that encourages individuals to learn more about dementia and how it affects those living with it.

It offers people the chance to learn more about what dementia really is and how we can work together to make our community and workplace a more dementia-friendly place to be.

Hanley Economic has taken the opportunity to promote the cause to colleagues, inviting them in for a 1 hour session. This 1 hour session is all that is required to provide them with the information they need to support those living with dementia.

Two staff members in particular wanted to spearhead the initiative within the Society, becoming Dementia Champions and delivering the information sessions to colleagues.

One of our Dementia Champions is Angela, HR Administrator, who said

You may begin to see signs with friends, family, neighbours and it makes you think ‘could this be the start of dementia?’. After receiving my Dementia Friends Champion training I felt more confident about what to do should I need to take action. I wanted to give my colleagues that same confidence so that we can work together to help create a dementia friendly community and help people live well with dementia.”

Hanley Economic works with a variety of customers every day in our branches, online and over the phone and we believe it is important that our colleagues are trained to work with differing circumstances and feel confident in doing so.

Our second Dementia Champion is our Customer Services Manager, Nicola, who said

“When you’re dealing with customers every day you come across a variety of situations. Occasionally, customers may be confused or be a little trickier to work with. I believe it’s important for our staff to be aware of these signs, making them more confident and offering a better service to our customers who are living with dementia. I’m looking forward to gaining more Dementia Friends throughout the Society in the near future.”

We are proud to support Dementia Friends and look forward to helping our 80 staff members become Dementia Friends.

To read more about the initiative or to learn more about becoming a Dementia Friend, you can head the website HERE.


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