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For the past 2 years I have competed in competitive races, using this as an opportunity to raise money for charity.

This started in January 2016 when I opted to run the Potters ‘Arf! This was my first ever half marathon and would be the furthest I had ever ran.  I had lost my dog in June 2015 and wanted to do something in his memory, he’d developed cancer and so I researched to see what cancer charities there were for pets and came across ACT (animal cancer trust) I managed to raise over £200 thanks to peoples generosity.

2017 brought around a fresh challenge, I wanted to again raise money by running, but how could I raise the bar on the previous year? Firstly I decided that along with the Potters ‘Arf (which I had again entered) I would run another half marathon, this time in Liverpool (the Liverpool Rock n Roll) I’d done a 5k the previous year and had seen first hand how brilliant the atmosphere was.  So with the races sorted I then needed to decide which charities to run for.  2017 marked my Nan’s 10 year anniversary of her death.  She was an amazing woman, with an inexhaustible energy.  She had suffered with early stages of both Dementia and Parkinsons; after speaking with my parents we agreed that Dementia UK would be one of the charities.  I’d noticed that the races were only 2 weeks apart from each other and I thought that a second charity could also be chosen.  2 half marathons, in 2 weeks for 2 charities! I thought long and hard about who the 2nd charity could be; as well as how I could raise that bar! I’m a firefighter and decided that both these races could be run in full firekit (helmet, tunic and trousers) with this in mind it seemed fitting that the other charity would be the Firefighters charity.  Again with the help of peoples generosity I raised over £800! So next up was to come up with what challenge I could do for 2018, which I started to think about after completing the 1st of the 2 half marathons.  I signed up for my 1st ever marathon! And again I of course wanted to take part in the Potters ‘Arf! Now if the challenge of running my 1st ever marathon wasn’t challenging enough, I decided to raise the bar even more by running both races in full firekit along with a breathing apparatus (combined weight of about 3 stone) so with the races sorted, I needed to again start thinking about charities.  One of the charities is the Donna Louise Trust, a local charity and one that is a truly great cause.  Sadly friends of mine had lost their son to sepsis, he was only 2 years old.  This saddened me deeply both as a father myself and as a friend.

Ironically I’d seen them along the Potters ‘Arf route last year and saw this as a sign that it was right to honour their sons memory, by raising money for his starlight fund.  I know they are truly grateful of the help and support they received from staff at the Donna Louise and this is just one of many reasons why the Donna Louise are so valuable.  I am so very proud to be able to help raise money for this remarkable charity.  Thank you for all that you do!

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