Our Second TV Advert

Once again it was lights, camera and action as we took to filming in one of our local branches for our second television advert.

Actors were chosen and places were taken as we moved on from our debut advert which highlighted our friendly and informative mortgage process. The focus for the story this time was the savings aspect of Hanley Economic.

It is quite hard to convey all of our best features into 30 seconds but we think you will like the end result.

Ultimately we want our young savers to grow with us and allow us to help them through each financial milestone that they encounter during their lives.

From first  accounts, mortgages and future planning products we are hoping to build that stability and trust for them to return. We hope the advert will showcase how we take care of our customer and inform them as they make big decisions down the line.

With the demise of other high street banks seemingly nerving the general public we want to help reassure by showcasing our key features including; stability, familiarity with the branch and Hanley Economic looking after its customers throughout their lifetime.

You may spot some familiar scenery including that of the blue clock in Hanley town centre.  Our advert will be shown from Thursday 11th October on various Sky TV channels – we hope you like it!

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Charlene Gentile

About the Author Charlene Gentile
Charlene is our Digital Marketing Specialist. With a wealth of marketing experience, she is using her expertise to help to communicate the variety of services we have here at Hanley Economic Building Society.

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