Sunday Times Top 100 Accolade

Sunday Times Top 100 Accolade

In 2015 The Hanley achieved a place in the Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For.  When I was told this news by Cris Hammond, our HR Manager, I thought I was going to explode with pride.  It was the single greatest accolade I’ve ever been associated with in my 26 years in the building society sector.  Why?  Well, because our inclusion in such an elite list of top firms reflects the way the people at The Hanley feel about our business.  It is genuinely a team award and it endorses our long-held belief that our people are our USP, our market differentiator.  The Hanley team make the difference, they magnetise customers toward us because they are exceptionally gifted in how they do their job.  Our business model requires us to compete with banks that are many times our size, with marketing budgets that dwarf ours, but those large competitors don’t have the calibre of staff that we have, nor can the customer experience at such leviathan organisations ever be as tailored or as nuanced as we can deliver at The Hanley.

Sunday Times Top 100 Accolade


So you can imagine my elation when I heard that The Hanley would in 2016 appear again in the Sunday Times Top 100 Small Companies.  We have been classified as “extraordinary” by Best Companies judges and a group of Hanley staff will be attending a lavish dinner in London on 24 February to soak up the plaudits on behalf of all of us at The Hanley.  A glittering prize for the wonderfully dedicated team at The Hanley, and further evidence that a small, local, mutual building society in Stoke-on-Trent can compete with the household names in the banking sector in a way which is centred on our people and our service proposition.


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David is Head of Operations at The Hanley and has over 20 years of Financial Services experience. He is a keen supporter of the mutual sector and has an in-depth knowledge of the UK personal finance market.

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