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Is it time to make a Will?

During our lifetime, we will have to face coping with bereavement. Unfortunately there are many aspects to losing a loved one that we have to face. As well as emotional difficulties we are often left with the reality of making arrangements for everything that has been left behind.

By making a Will, you can be in control of what happens to your possessions and ensure your personal wishes are adhered to.

It isn’t required by law to make a Will, but if you die intestate (which basically means without making a Will) your assets may be distributed according to the law as opposed to your individual wishes.

In a lot of cases, most people write a will because they want to know that their family will be looked after once they die. However, this can be complex when no will is in place. Sorting out possessions can sometimes lead to family disputes and having a will in place can help to avoid this scenario and give you that added peace of mind along the way. It also means that your personal possessions with sentimental value go to the chosen people as opposed to them being distributed in the same way.

For more complex issues you may also require legal guidance. For example, a solicitor can give you advice on how inheritance tax can affect you. Having a will in place can help to minimise tax liabilities after your death.

At The Hanley Economic, we work with Brian from The Will Writing Company who can help to arrange your will and ensure each of your wishes is adhered to, no matter how complex.

For more information, call us today on 01782 255000 or visit your local branch to arrange an appointment with Brian.


Brian is an Estate Planning Consultant from The will Writing Company. The Hanley Economic Building Society acts as an introducer to The Will Writing Company for estate planning services. The Will Writing company are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as a licensed body in England and Wales (SRA number 626921). 


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