Alice Charity

Latest statistics state that 17% of all children living in Newcastle-Under-Lyme and 25% of all children living in Stoke-On-Trent reside in low income families. It is widely acknowledged that a childhood spent in poverty adversely impacts education, occupation, income and ill health.

Alice Charity’s objective is to transform families, empowering those most in need to improve their own circumstances for both this generation and the next in order to create long term sustainability, providing an accessible service that builds confidence, take control and find purpose. The support they provide to families directly targets the areas of concern; their services include skills improvement including parenting and budgeting, well-being services, signposting, emergency food parcels, as well as essential equipment distribution. Their community activities are actively breaking the cycle of poverty by ensuring that the impacts hardship can bring has minimal effect on the children within the family.

We have committed to joining the Alice Charity Fortunate 500 scheme. This is a scheme that is focused on local businesses.  The idea is simple, they sign up 500 local businesses to donate £10.00 monthly (they are currently at 102 members).