Douglas Macmillan Hospice

The Douglas Macmillan Hospice, known affectionately in the local community as The Dougie Mac has been providing free end of life care to anyone over the age of 18 facing a life limiting illness. The Hospice needs to raise in excess of £11.8m per year with over 75% of this income generated through voluntary donations

Historically The Hanley has always supported its community and the various local charities. Our idea was to create a partnership with a larger local charity where it would easier to define and measure the impact of our involvement.  We conducted market research amongst our customers and the Dougie Mac was chosen by them from a short list which was also heavily supported by the staff at The Hanley. Whilst we’d been supporting the Hospice for many years, we recognised that we were able to do so in a larger capacity and our aim was to be able to develop an income stream to support the Hospice.

Our partnership with the Hospice coincided with their 40th Anniversary in 2013 this gave us and the Hospice a great platform to launch the ‘Dougie Mac Saver Account’, an account dedicated to raising funds by encouraging existing and new supporters to open an account where 0.5% of the annual balance would be donated back to the Hospice. Our original three year forecast was to reach 356 accounts with an annual donation of £21,000; however we surpassed this with a donation of £22,306 in our second year. Now with over 600 accounts opened the overall donation surpassed £100,000 in July 2017, it is forecast that by year 5 the account will deliver an annual donation of £30,000.

The Hanley is also the main sponsor of the local half marathon (Potters ‘Arf) which takes place in the city centre each year. The Hospice works alongside The Hanley, other sponsors and the race organisers to coordinate the race. The charity benefits financially from runners’ sponsorship money and unused organisation funds donated by the Potters ‘Arf. During year 1 of the half marathon, the Dougie Mac sponsorship income increased from £8,320 to £27,991 and since then over £160,983 has been donated via individual sponsorship.