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Branches Open Times 

Our branches are open as follows;

Biddulph Branch (51 High Street, Biddulph ST8 6AD)
Tuesday – Saturday / 09:00 – 14:00

Festival Park Branch (Forge Lane, Granville House, Festival Park ST1 5TB)
Monday – Saturday / 09:00 – 14:00

Hanley Branch (5 Lamb Street, Hanley ST1 1PF)
Tuesday – Saturday / 09:00 – 14:00

Longton Branch (93 The Strand, Longton ST3 2NS)
Tuesday – Saturday / 09: 00 – 14:00

Newcastle Branch (83 High Street, Newcastle ST5 1PS)
Tuesday – Saturday / 09:00 – 14:00

Stone Branch (1 Mill Court, Mill Street, Stone ST15 8BA)
Monday – Saturday / 09:00 – 14:00

Cheadle Branch (1 Cheadle Shopping Centre, Cheadle ST10 1UT)
Monday Closed Temporarily
Tuesday 09:15 – 14.00
Wednesday & Thursday Closed Temporarily
Friday 09:15 – 14.00
Saturday Closed Temporarily
Sunday Closed


Branch Transactions

As the winter months approach and the weather turns cold and wet, we need to ensure we are looking after our members whilst also keeping them as safe as possible.

Covid seems to be staying longer than any of us had hoped, so the “2 customers in” rule has been reviewed and adapted to fit each individual branch size and layout.

Branch Transactional Customers Waiting Customers (in the banking hall)
Newcastle 2 2
Biddulph 2 1
Festival Park 2 2
Hanley 2 1
Longton 2 2
Stone 2 1
Cheadle 1 1




What precautions are you taking in light of the ongoing pandemic?

We closely monitor all new developments and have been following government guidelines to protect both our staff and our customers.

These measures include;

  • Social distancing at 2 metres
  • Screens at counter positions
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Sanitiser stations on entry
  • Staff sanitising between serving customers

When you visit the branch you may be asked to wait outside if it’s busy and things may take a little more time to complete but we will help you as quickly as we can, so please bear with us.

What telephone number do I ring for more information about my branch?

Please call 01782 255000 (Option 4) where one of our advisers will help you.

Can I still complete all transactions in branch?

To protect both yourself and our staff, please do not make unnecessary journeys. You can conduct your transactions in our opened branches as usual but you have following alternatives:

  • Cheques can be banked at a safer time as they are valid for 6 months from the date shown
  • We can accept payments over the phone (to make payments from your bank debit card)
  • You can also make payments into your Hanley Economic account via your online banking. You can do this by using the following details: Sort Code 30-01-20 / Account Number 09995102, please use your Hanley Economic account number as the reference.

I am unable to make it into branch, what can I do?

You can appoint a trusted third party to transact on your behalf. They can either collect withdrawal forms from one of our open branches or please call us on 01782 255000 (Option 4) and we will send them out to you by post.

The third party will need to provide identification documents before we can process your transaction. You can withdraw up to £200 in cash or we can issue a cheque.

Can I still get my passbook updated?

You can get your book updated but we highly recommend if you do not need to transact do not make unnecessary journeys and to please call us on 01782 255000 option 4 to confirm your balance.

Alternatively, please post your passbook to be updated.

Where do I send post to?

Please send all post to;

Granville House

Festival Park

Stoke on Trent



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