Customer Service Week

We recently celebrated ‘Customer Service Week’. This week is a national event to recognise and celebrate the important role that customer service, both internal and external, plays in making our company a success all year round. It is designed to show appreciation for the wonderful things our people do for customers and colleagues day in, day out. Finally, it’s to motivate everyone to do bigger and better things for the year ahead.

To mark the occasion we dedicated time to all things Customer Service and we didn’t take much persuasion to get into the spirit of things. The branches were brightly decorated with bunting and balloons as well as a continental breakfast provided to kick start the day.

Check out some of the wonderful images from the week below.




Charlene Gentile

About the Author Charlene Gentile
Charlene is our Digital Marketing Specialist. With a wealth of marketing experience, she is using her expertise to help to communicate the variety of services we have here at Hanley Economic Building Society.

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