Feedback from our members

We just love to read the feedback that we get from our members. Whether it be a particular service, a member of staff going above and beyond, or simply thanking us for continuing to offer them our  assistance.

Not only do we see these on our in-branch review cards or the Smart Money People review cards, we also see thank you notes and kind gestures.

Here is a sample of some of those that we have recently had.

Our mortgage adviser Danielle received some wonderful feedback from a recent customer.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help over the last few months. You made the whole process easier for me to get my head around and answered all of my questions. We officially moved in yesterday and settling in well, thanks again from me and Amalie.























Our Festival Park branch manager was overjoyed to receive a thank you card from a lovely customer to thank her for her assistance. Julie dealt with a lady who needed to make some complex changes to an external account and transfer substantial amounts to us. This was all sorted and she went on to receive the thank you note pictured below.












Lana, our mortgage adviser also received some wonderful feedback from a mortgage customer.

Jen and I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in this matter. The process was made all the simpler for your involvement. I think that sometimes people forget – in this age of faceless online application processes – that it’s often the people that make these experiences better, supported by good IT; not the other way around.

I’d like you to share this with the powers at Hanley. I’m sure that they already know it, but you’re an absolute credit to the company.



We love to hear your feedback, if you would like to pass on any comments you can do so using the Smart Money People website, using our in-branch review cards or simply emailing us at


Charlene Gentile

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Charlene is our Digital Marketing Specialist. With a wealth of marketing experience, she is using her expertise to help to communicate the variety of services we have here at Hanley Economic Building Society.

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