Hanley Economic Team Awarded Additional Annual Leave

Hanley Economic team members have been awarded an additional day of annual leave for both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, to say thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

In February 2020, the team undertook a large project to upgrade our systems to help, then the pandemic took hold. Since then, colleagues have worked incredibly hard to not only keep the project on track, but also work with the fallout from the pandemic and keep our branches open to support our members.

Here is what Mark Selby, CEO, had to say…

“We’re taking the opportunity to thank our brilliant colleagues for looking after our Members and keeping the Society going over the last two years and through the pandemic. It’s been very tough but because of the dedication and tenacity of our team, we have managed to provide continuous service and support throughout. In closing for two days we can provide everyone with a much needed rest and in this way offer a well-deserved ‘Thank You’.”

This means our opening hours will be a little different this Christmas, with our branches and head office teams enjoying a longer holiday to spend with friends and family (hopefully!).

Our Finance Director, Larne Payne, echoed Marks words and added –

“As a mutual organisation the wellbeing of our colleagues and members alike is a key priority. During the COVID pandemic our branches have remained open to facilitate our member’s financial needs, despite the challenges we faced. It is because of this we, as your Board and Leadership Team, have decided to close our branches on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, to allow all our colleagues the chance to spend some quality time with family and friends. We wish all our colleagues and members a fantastic Christmas break, and look forward to continuing to provide the same exceptional customer service to you all in 2022!”

To check out our open hours for both branches, our customer service and wider teams, head HERE!

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