Hanley Economic have teamed up with Blue Iris Project

We have teamed up with the Blue Iris Project which is led through STAND (Stoke-on-Trent Area Network for Disability).

The Blue Iris Project is a project which combats loneliness in the local area. It’s a simple yet very effective service which was fortunate to win a lottery grant.
To participate in this fantastic cause all you have to do is to wear your Blue Iris badge. The badge is a sign that you are willing to chat whether that be in a shop, office premises, public park, even at a bus stop! We often go through our day with our heads down but it’s amazing how a bit of chit chat can mean the world to someone if they are feeling lonely. If you are a warm, kind, friendly person who would like to be involved in this project then it’s a super simple process. To get your hands on a badge you can contact Lesley Smith on 01782 232236 or email her lesley.smith@stoke.gov.uk.

Angela Finney our HR Administrator said :

“We are proud to participate in this initiative which enables our staff to positively engage with people in our local community to help to combat loneliness. This is two-fold as doing something worthwhile for others helps our staff feel great about themselves which has a positive impact on their wellbeing. Just a simple gesture as wearing the Blue Iris badge can have a great impact”.

The badges are free but they hope people will make a small donation so that they can purchase more badges, therefore making an even greater difference. At Hanley Economic, we are always striving to make positive changes where health and wellbeing are concerned; this incorporates our staff, members and the community. We are proud that our branches are hosting the Blue Iris Project with a poster on display and various branch staff wearing the badges to participate in this wonderful project.


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