Health and Wellbeing in the workplace

Let’s face it, healthy staff are beneficial to any business. For employees. a healthy, safe environment can increase morale and improve an employees’ work-life balance.

At the Hanley Economic, we know that the workplace has a significant impact on people’s health and well-being. As part of our commitment to staff well-being we are holding a ‘wellness month’, during November. We will be providing staff with help and support on well-being initiatives and information/reminders of what is already in place for them. Our HR assistant Angela Finney has done an amazing job of rolling this out and providing numerous opportunities – all of which have made us feel very looked after. These opportunities include :


  • EAP (Employee Assistance Programme)
  • Individual Well-being Risk Assessments
  • Private Health Insurance
  • Gym membership – corporate subsidised gym membership at the Nuffield Gym at Trentham Lakes
  • Health check day – Wednesday 7th November
  • Three-minute desk yoga
  • Stretching exercises for computer users
  • Tips on health eating


Yesterday, two lovely ladies from Nuffield Gym visited our head office to carry out health checks for any staff who wanted to find out more about themselves.

This included checks on height, weight, blood pressure, glucose and a cholesterol test. Our staff member Jo was really pleased to have been involved, she said:

I found it really useful and informative, the two ladies were very friendly and explained everything fully. It’s lovely to be able to do this at work as with working full time you don’t always find the time to take a health check.

It’s important we look after our staff and we are really passionate about this topic. If we can make our employees feel good, then that in turn that will have a further positive effect on how we interact with our customers.

So next time you visit a branch, don’t be alarmed to see the branch assistants doing synchronised stretching, they may simply be doing their three-minute desk yoga.


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