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There’s a lot in our tagline, ‘Helping you and your money since 1854’.

I often hear stories from the branches and members coming forward to explain how the staff have gone out of their way to help them. Often it can be nothing to do with their Savings but all of the little extra things that can be done to make a difference and put a person’s mind at rest.

A lady recently came into our Stone branch who visits every week where she explained how she had lost her passbook. Our branch assistant put her mind at ease to explain that no one had accessed her money and sorted out all of the paperwork needed. She later visited again with a few concerns regarding her standing orders whereby our staff were able to put her mind at ease. She then made the effort to return to branch solely to thank our branch staff for their help and to give them a thank you gift.

Another example from Stone was last week when the Stone Festival Group came into branch with a lot of change to deposit into their savings account. There was a lot more than a branch would usually take however it was signed off as a special circumstance given it is an annual occasion and brings a lot of people into town. Two of our lovely branch assistants counted all of the change, sorted it and had it banked. The customer explained how they had experienced problems operating their accounts with other banks/building societies and so massively appreciated all of the help from the branch staff. They then returned with a gesture for the staff who had helped.

We have our Smart Money People feedback cards featured in branches which allow for customers to express their comments but it’s also these small gestures of cards, gifts and kind words that aren’t mentioned publicly and show just how our staff go above and beyond their duty to ensure our members are happy.

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