Intermediary Downloads

Solicitors Panel
Review the selection of solicitors and find one local to you

Covid-19 Case Assessment Update
Here is an overview of some changes we have made to our application and assessment process, in light of the impact of Covid-19.

Download your copy of our #HanleyHighlights to learn a little more about Hanley Intermediaries.

Affordability Assessment Form
This form can be used to calculate your client(s) outgoings. It should only be used as an advisory document as our outline system will calculate affordability more accurately.

Affordability Assessment Form: Buy to Let
This IAA form is to be used when submitting BTL cases on an affordability basis.

Direct Debit Mandate Form
This form is required to be completed by your client(s) so we may set up the monthly direct debit payment.

Ex-PAT Buy to Let Overview
Download this for more information on ex-pat buy to let mortgages with us.

Gifted Deposit Form
This form is required to be completed for applications where the client is receiving the deposit as a gift.

Higher Lending Charge
Download this to learn about the Higher Lending Charge that may be applicable to some applicants.

List of Mortgage Charges
A detailed list of all the charges that may be associated with your clients application, payable to the Society.

Mortgage Identification Requirements
Find out what identification we need from you

Multiple Principal Registration
If you are a broker with multiple principals, please complete the following information and send via email to

Near Prime Credit Declaration Form
This is needed in support of a standard application form for Near Prime applications.

Privacy Notice
This document provides you with an overview of our terms of business in relation to GDPR legislation.

RIO Guide
Our RIO guide offers a little more insight into Retirement Interest Only mortgages with Hanley Intermediaries, handy for you and your client alike!