Intermediary Downloads

This page contains the important documents you’ll need when submitting your case to us

Mortgage Application Form

Our standard mortgage application form

DIP Form 

This form is used for referral cases (Microsoft Word format). Please complete the form in Word and email to

Direct Debit Mandate Form

This form is required to be completed by your client(s) so we may set up the monthly direct debit payment

Affordability Assessment Form

This form can be used to calculate your client(s) outgoings. It should only be used as an advisory document as our online system will calculate affordability more accurately.

Affordability Assessment Form: Buy to Let

This IAA form is to be used when submitting BTL cases on an affordability basis

Near Prime Credit Declaration Form

This is needed in support of a standard application form for Near Prime applications.

Gifted Deposit Form

This form is required to be completed for applications where the client is receiving a gift as the deposit.

List of Mortgage Charges
A detailed list of all mortgage charges payable to the Society

Privacy Notice

This document provides you with an overview of our terms of business in relation to GDPR legislation.