Self-Build Dreams

For some people self-build can feel like a faraway dream, but it doesn’t have to be.

With the right help from people in the know (that’s us!) we can make it a reality for you. We work with ground up and renovation projects so we cover a vast area of scenarios.

So whether you want to purchase land to build a new property, convert an existing structure or extend your home (plus many other eventualities of course!) we may have the solution for you. We have a whole area of our website dedicated to self-build and eight products to pick from. You can see our products here. We have various resources for you to browse including : Self-Build Lending Guide, Self-Build Lending Criteria, Self-Build Costings, Submission Form, Application Checklist (that’s just to name a few!)

We may be able to help you whether you want to :

  • Purchase land to build a new property
  • Raise capital and build a property on land that you already own
  • Convert an existing structure, for example a barn into a home
  • Extend your existing home
  • Home improvements
  • Renovate

If you want to find out more head over to our Self-Build section on our website, find it here. If you have any queries or just want a general chat about what we can do for you then call us on 01782 255000.

Contact a member of our team by visiting a branch or phoning us. Finally, don’t forget; we NEVER credit score!



Charlene Gentile

About the Author Charlene Gentile
Charlene is our Digital Marketing Specialist. With a wealth of marketing experience, she is using her expertise to help to communicate the variety of services we have here at Hanley Economic Building Society.

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