The Stages of a Self-Build…

Building your own house, whilst incredibly exciting, can feel like a daunting task. With that said, wanting to create a home for you, your family, your lifestyle – being able to start from scratch can provide a lot of freedom to create something that is perfect for you.

Whilst you need to do lots of research, we wanted to break down the key stages of the actual build to provide you with some bitesize knowledge!

We caught up with our Mortgage Adviser, Danielle, to talk us through the core 5-6 stages any self-builder will face when building a home…

“The first stage would really be whether or not you have land to build, or not. Surveying the land will take some time and cost money, so do plenty of research on the area where possible – the same as though you were buying a home!

That aside, the classic stages of a self-build project would be; foundations, walls and frames, wind and water tight, first fix and finally completion. So let’s break those down a little;

Stage One: Foundations

Foundations are self-explanatory! It’s where it all begins with drainage, brickwork and floor slabs that will start to create the outline of your build. Grab your wellies, it’s time to start digging…

Stage Two: Wall Plate

The second stage is for your walls and frames come in to action, everything before your roof is placed on top! This could include the timber frame if that is the type of house you are building, you will see your first floor start to take shape and load bearing walls will be placed.

Stage Three: Wind & Watertight

During this phase of your build, you will begin to see your roof installed along with your doors and windows. Your house may still not quite be completely watertight until your roofing has been completely assembled with cladding and so on – but it should be watertight fairly quickly!

Stage Four: First Fix & Plastering

Your joinery work will start to happen quickly here, internal walls will begin to make your rooms a reality. Electrical works begin as well as piping for your water, staircases and door frames will all make your home really start to take shape.

All your electrics and plumbing will be placed and then plastered over, which is why it is so important to make sure everything is in place correctly as this can be costly (and really inconvenient) to change after.

Stage Five: Second Fix & Completion

The most exciting stage for most people… the second fix means your bathroom, kitchen and more will be installed. You can start to decorate and work on the external things like your garden. This will then see you through to completion before you can move in!

With all stages, you will have different costs– your foundations for instance are likely to take up a much bigger portion of your budget than your first fix. That’s something we can work with, each staged release can be adjusted so that you can cover each stage and keep your costs under control.”


Danielle Cope has been a Mortgage Adviser for Hanley Economic for 2 years now and has supported many self-build clients through their projects throughout her career.

Our mortgage advice is completely free, so if you would like to book an appointment with Danielle, or any of our advisers, to discuss your self-build project then get in touch! We also offer late night and Saturday appointments.

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