Golden Charter

Established in 1989, Golden Charter Ltd is the UK’s leading funeral plan provider

With a network of over 2,900 independent funeral directors across the UK, Golden Charter is able to offer its plan holders an unrivalled opportunity to choose exactly which local funeral director will attend to their final wishes

Owned by an association of independent funeral directors, all surpluses from the business are paid into the Golden Charter Trust to the benefit of plan holders and funeral directors alike

When you take out a 50+ funeral plan, you can tailor the funeral to your exact specifications and when the time comes, your selected funeral director receives the payment, including any growth, and uses this money to provide the agreed services to your family

You select exactly how you wish to pay for your plan and, depending on your choice, your money is paid into the Golden Charter Trust or to one of the UK’s leading life assurance companies ensuring that your money is protected

No matter how much costs have risen in the intervening period, you can rest assured that your loved ones will not be asked for a penny more for your funeral director’s services

Why choose a Golden Charter Funeral Plan

Taking out a 50+ funeral plan is both straightforward and saves you money:

  • Protection against rising funeral costs
  • Complete flexibility to choose the funeral and funeral director you want
  • A personal, caring service from a local independent funeral director
  • Access to over 2,900 local independent funeral directors across the UK
  • Guaranteed acceptance

Next Steps

If you would like to apply for a funeral plan or would like more information, contact us on 01782 255000 or pop into your local branch of The Hanley