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The Hanley’s Website has been designed to provide easy access to our products and services. We aim to make our Web site accessible to as many people as possible, this has been achieved by creating an easy to use interface.

The site’s been designed to provide a consistent structure throughout the Website, so users will know exactly where to find navigation, content, important functionality and information.

The structure of the interface is broken down as follows:

Header – The Header is consistent across every page. It ensures that our contact details and site search functionality are accessible at all times. The logo also provides a return to the Home page from every page the user is browsing from.

Tab Menu – This contains the main navigation system and links, which provide access to the key areas and content of the Website. Clicking on a tab button takes you to a prescribed section.

Content area – The main content of each page is displayed in the centre of the page with any associated graphic.

Useful Links area – This section provides access to associated topics of the page currently being viewed. It also provides an easy method of navigating between pages on the site.

Footer – The footer serves two purposes; firstly to provide links to key pages of information and secondly to ensure the site is complying with the regulatory requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Tab Indexing

Tab indexing is designed to make tabbing through the site easier but also to provide users with access to the Website by using the keyboard only.

The tab order of information within the framework interface is as follows:

  • Header Logo (Link to Home Page)
  • Home
  • Mortgages
  • Savings
  • Home Insurance
  • Your Society
  • Help Hub
  • Intermediaries

Visual design

Colours – We have tried to use colours that are easy to read on a computer monitor and that are also associated with our brand image.

Images – All interface graphics and images throughout the Website have been assigned an Alt-text attribute, for users who choose not to display graphics.

Hyperlinks –Hyperlinks are recognisable by their underlining within the textual content and contrasting green colour.