Unlock the door to your first home with our £2,000 Cashback Mortgage! The £2,000 can also be put towards your home deposit!

Unlock the door to your first home with our £2,000 Cashback Mortgage! The £2,000 can also be put towards your home deposit!

Unlock the door to your first home with our £2,000 Cashback Mortgage! The £2,000 can also be put towards your home deposit!

Cash ISA Instant Access (ISAC3)

Cash ISA Instant Access (ISAC3)

Maximum Balance


Opening Balance


Withdrawal Notice


Withdrawal Restrictions


Interest Rate

2.40% - 2.60%


Interest Type: Variable

Account Opening: Online & Branch

Account Operation: Online, Branch & Post

Things you need to know - Summary Box

Account Name

Cash ISA Instant Access.

What is the interest rate?

Interest is variable, calculated on a daily basis and is paid annually on 5 April.

Cash ISA Instant AccessCurrent Rates
Annual InterestRates effective from: 01/09/2023

£3,000.00 and above2.60%2.60%
£1.00 to £2,999.992.40%2.40%
Can Hanley Economic Building Society change the interest rate?

As the interest rate is variable, we may change the rate if we reasonably believe that the change is needed. If we reduce the interest on your account, we will write to you 14 days before we make the change. For full details on how and why we will change the interest rate on your account, please refer to Section 8 of the Savings Terms and Conditions.

What would be the estimated balance be after 12 months on a £1,000 deposit?

Based on the current interest rate, if you deposited £1,000 in this account, after 12 months you would have £1,024.00. This figure is for illustration purposes and is based on no additional deposits, withdrawals or changes in interest rates within the 12 month period.

How do I open and manage my account?

To open an account you must be permanently resident in the UK.

You will need to provide some identification when you open your account. Details of our requirements can be obtained from the “before you apply section” on this page, your local branch or by calling us. If you are already a Hanley Member, in most cases, this will not be necessary.

When you open your account in a branch you will receive a passbook.

You can open the account with a minimum investment of £100 to the maximum current ISA allowance. For the current ISA allowance please contact us on 01782 255000 or visit HMRC.

You can add to your account at any time subject to the maximum investment limit, £100,000.

You can deposit a maximum of £20,000 into your account via your debit card on our Online Banking Portal and mobile App.

Once the account has been opened it can be managed either online in branch and/or via the post.

Can I withdraw money?

You can withdraw without notice or penalty up to £500 in cash and £70,000 by cheque on demand from our branches or by sending us your written instructions.

Larger cash sums up to £5,000 are available by giving at least 24 hours notice. Cheque withdrawals over £70,000 can be obtained from our Registered Office. Following any withdrawals £100 should remain in the account.

To withdraw money in a branch you must provide your passbook. If making a withdrawal through the post you must send your passbook along with signed written instructions.

No withdrawals can be made until after 10 days after opening an account when opened online. This is to allow the Society to complete all of our checks under UK money laundering regulations.

Is this ISA Flexible?

Yes, from 6 April 2017 all of our variable cash ISA’s are flexible This means you can take money out and replace it later, without it counting any further towards your annual ISA allowance – as long as you pay the money back in before the end of the same tax year.

Additional Information

Minimum age 18 years.

UK residents only.

The treatment of your account for tax purposes will depend on your individual circumstances and you may need to pay tax on any interest that exceeds your Personal Savings Allowance. For more information, please visit HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) website: hmrc.gov.uk . The tax information provided is based on our understanding of current law and HMRC practice, both of which may change.

Is this Product right for me?

Yes if

You want instant access to your funds.

You are happy that the interest rate may change at any time.

You want to open and manage your account in branch via the post or online.

No if

You want a fixed rate of interest for a fixed term.

You have already used your ISA allowance for the current tax year.

Before You Apply

Before opening an account, it is recommended you read the information below.

Savings Terms and Conditions 2023


Identification Requirements


Service Charges


FSCS Leaflet


FSCS Information Sheet


How to Apply

Apply for this savings account using the method below.

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Apply Online

The quickest way to open your new account is online. Please click below to begin filling out the application form.

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Find your nearest branch and visit to for expert support and assistance from our team during the application process.