Member Forum

At Hanley Economic, we encourage feedback from our Members on any aspect of the Society’s activities.

The Hanley Member Forum is an informal meeting hosted by the CEO or an Executive Director to discuss with our members all aspects of the Society’s business.

Listening to our members will help us to assess progress against our customer service objectives and to share ideas on the development of The Hanley brand and the role we play within the local community.

  • Are you an existing Member of Hanley Economic?
  • Would you like to join our panel of Member Forum members?

The forum meetings take place once a quarter on a Saturday morning at our Head Office building at Festival Park, Hanley.

The meetings are informal and last for no more than two hours, and include refreshments. So if you would like to have your say in your society, then why not attend our next forum meeting?

For more information e-mail to or call us on 01782 255000.