Solicitor Panel

Intermediary Solicitors Panel

Please see the below list of registered solicitors on our LMS Panel Link.

Solicitor Panel

Hanley Economic Building Society has enlisted the services of Legal Marketing Services Limited (LMS) to offer panel management services using LMS Panel Link and Conveyancer Zone. We maintain a select group of conveyancers who are authorised to represent us. If you are aware that the firm your client plans to engage is not part of our designated panel, the firm has the option to seek membership on our conveyancing panel. To initiate a panel application, kindly proceed to:

Remortgage Legals Incentive

England & Wales – If an applicant uses the Society’s remortgage scheme the legal fees, up to a maximum of £250, will be covered by the Society. If additional legal work is involved e.g. postponement of a second charge, transfer of equity or for leasehold properties the applicant will be responsible for any additional legal fees incurred. No contribution towards legal fees will be available if applicants use their own Solicitor.

Please enter O’Neill Patient as the Solicitor into the Broker Portal.

Scotland – The remortgage scheme is not available for properties in Scotland. The Society will provide £250 cashback on completion of the mortgage.